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Swami Ajay was born in 1969 in Mauritius.

He dedicates his life to the service of God and humanity, following the teachings of his master: Shri Sathya Sai Baba. Although majority of Swamiji's work is done in his native land, Mauritius, his mission also extends to other territories around the world especially the nearby islands such as: Rodrigues, Reunion, Madagascar and abroad where he organizes many activities for protection, for peace and for the well-being of all.


Swami Ajay grants interviews. They aim at answering personal questions. He regularly visits places of pilgrimage and homes, hospitals, orphanages, schools or even retirement homes in the countries where he travels, always with the aim of helping humanity. He accomplishes his mission with sincerity and humility, never expecting anything in return, selflessly. The fruit of his work is the natural transformation of heart and behavior, in the long term.

Since 2000, Swami Ajay has been working in Europe:  France, Belgium, Portugal, England… through Yagyas, meetings, interviews. Since 2013, a summer tour takes place every year. Swami and his team travel through several major cities in France (Albi, Lyon, Montpellier, Paris, etc.) and in Europe (Belgium, Portugal). The program includes conferences and devotional rituals. These meetings are an opportunity to share a lot of love and to initiate spiritual aspirants into universal teachings, to help them reconnect with their source: the Creator. 


​The teachings he transmits are mostly given orally through Satsangs, but also and above all silently by means of example. He teaches all how to live by his own conduct, character and lifestyle. Swami Ajay thus shows us how to put into practice Spirituality in our daily life, with simplicity, while living in today's world and without discrimination because humanity is one big family. He encourages us to integrate these values into our lifestyles, regardless of our creed or religion, origin or social status... Swami Ajay has worked tirelessly since 1995 to contribute to world peace and awaken devotion in hearts, using tools such as devotional songs, music, rituals and speeches, with simplicity and joy of living.


Day after day, his mission keeps on expanding... 


- Who am I ? Why do I exist?
- Why did we come to Earth?
- Where do we come from and where are we going?
- Why do we have problems?
- What is Spirituality? What's the point ?
- Who is God? 
- How to create a relationship with him?

He gives us the means to transform ourselves, to become better versions of ourselves, to “ become lights for humanity”. The first step is to know one's own self, to awaken peace and good qualities in our hearts, to live in harmony with those around us. It requires silence, seeking, introspection and sincerity. This is how we get closer to our true "me" and discover the mystery hidden in our consciousness and intuitions...


1969 - 1990's


1989 - 1993


year 1993


1994 - 95


1996 - 2000


since 1997



Swami Ajay aims to share a spirituality that is simple, universal, accessible and above all : adapted to our era. The teaching he transmits is not limited to one religion or belief… Each human being perceives the Godhead in his own way: this is the essence of his message ! Spirituality serves to promote unity in diversity and the harmonious cohabitation of all, it is not meant to promote conformism or intolerance. Each human being is a member of one body, and each of us has a function and a purpose!

In this way, it brings more wisdom, tolerance and understanding of the world around us. This teaching gives concrete solutions to our problems, and means to simplify our lives. It simply answers the various questions we ask ourselves... and thus provides the means to become the best version of one's own self. This is what " to evolve " means. Swami also works with young people: he teaches Bal Vikas children in Mauritius and organizes cultural programs including: dramas, audiovisual programs...

On this site you will find: 

​- satsangs  (audio, video and text)

- archives   (photos, articles and testimonials)

- songs and prayers   (audio, video, explanations)

- links  (other sites, local groups)

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