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“Come, touch, feel,

experience... and then, you decide. 

Swami Ajay's teaching is based on Sathya Sai Baba's message of Love. On this website, you can travel through his story and discover how fate changed the life of this young Mauritian man, touched by Grace. You shall understand the depth of his current mission and may listen to his satsangs, read books on his work, explore the photo gallery, and more...

“ I love Swami, not because of his miracles, but rather because he transformed me.


Since my childhood, I always thought:  "how is God, who is He ? " because my mom prayed a lot. She had big statues of Durga, Kali, Santoshi, Gowri, Narayana… and I always asked this question ! At the same time, when I was 5 or 6 years old, I went to the Shiva temple to help. Afterwards, I became a priest to earn money. It was always for money... and I also had my main job as an attorney clerk. We know the Ramayana... We know the Bhagawad Gita and the Srimad Bhagawatam... As a priest, as a Brahman, we try to propagate this teaching. But to put these words into practice and to live it, we did not do. With all the things that happend in my life, God prepared the way for what we are doing today. But I'm not doing all this for name or fame, never. Nor am I doing it for money and material wealth ! I do it because I like to do it. I cannot live without Swami. Truly speaking, it is not so easy to spread spirituality and it is not so easy to do social work.  But with Swami, the way Swami explained spirituality to us, it's completely different. Because there are many details in it. We have different ways to explain the teaching for young generations, for the senior, for couples... on one side we have religion, on the other we have devotion ! ... and the most important thing is to put into practice what we learn.  He tells you : “for your problems, I have all the solutions. And for that, one doesn't need money. One needs to have the will and the belief."

You will see that each and every time, I speak a lot about belief... because I see, I feel and I note that humanity, humans, they pray a lot. In all religions there is prayer. This need to believe, this intuition is in everyone. But we also see that when problems start to show up we are afraid, at that moment. And then we begin to lose faith and talk nonsense… as if God doesn't exist or as if God doesn't love us. It's not the truth : problems, they too are part of our life. We must accept it. The moment we accept and welcome problems, our life becomes really easy. All of these problems are not given to us by God... Humans create it themselves.


When we do bhajans, when you come to a spiritual center and when you do prayers at home, even when you give donations… it doesn't mean that you are invincible and that you are not going to have problems. That is not true: many times, the opposite happens !

But... what are problems, truly speaking ?   – problems are a way to cleanse our karmas.


Really, if we talk about deep spirituality, we have to be ready. It's so deep that we should call it a journey... Here, all of you came only for a few hours to listen to me and attend this conference... but if we speak about karma in depth, there is no time to go outside or to take breaks. There are so many details, it takes time to explain it all. And it's important to know ! When problems arise, it's not God who gives us these problems. It comes from our past lives and these energies manifest themselves in our present life. So, you should never be afraid. This problem stays in our life for five or six days…and then it ends. And you will see: you don't know exactly  how to solve these problems but you will always meet someone who will help you, after four or five days… there is someone who comes to help you. 


Who is this person, really? ... it's God.

God isn't going to come to you in that form you like from the picture… he's going to come to you in the form of a human, in disguise.


To establish an ongoing connection with God in our lives, there are a few simple concepts to practice every day.


The first thing is to understand and establish silence within yourself. Only in silence, can we can hear the voice of God : we speak when we need to speak and we keep silence inside when needed, to establish Peace within ourselves.

Second concept is positive thinking  : try to always be in this positive energy. Never doubt yourself. Always keep your belief... Once you understand spirituality, it's just like Swami said : Do good, Be good, See good - be sincere and set your eyes only on the good. You just have to control yourself and watch yourself, because many times we want to do something good... but the mind makes us do something bad and makes us fall against our will. Do not let the ego or the mind dominate : they are only tools for the soul that lives in the physical body. From the moment you repeat this mantra several times, the one inside understands. Even if you don't understand the language, the Atma knows ! Even if a french person says : "do good, be good, see good.", his soul will get the meaing because it feels the energy.


If we always practice not to hurt anyone, to be positive and in silence, then, we are with God.

Silence alone can tranform us. It brings more compassion within us. The device starts to activate and work. And then, Swami also explains how to stay in this source : one should practice “help ever, hurt never”. Do not harm anyone or judge anyone. And there's more : Always help others. Helping others is like helping God. The same energy manifests itself in all of us. And when you address someone, consider that it is God in front of you because there is the same breath of life in each of us. Humanity is one big family, each human being is a brother or a sister of yours. Never hurt anyone.


And then, he repeats to us again : “when doing all this, you should never be afraid because I am always there for you… Why fear when I am here?"  

Here is another teaching to always keep our deep connection with the Source, with the Divine. These are little tips that you have to put into practice in your daily life. Small sentences, big results. Do not think that God wants to see complicated stuff. More books, more to put into practice... Also, we have to be aware that God is going to come and test us to see if we get angry, for example. But we must keep calm under all circumstances. Silence is the only friend who can help us. And when we are in silence,  it also controls our mind.


Desires … ah ! To connect to the Source, to our Lord, we should control our desires. We cannot eliminate desire, it is a necessary tool to live. Otherwise, we would not have the will to maintain this body in good shape by feeding it, for example. And without the body, we cannot love God. So also, desires are a beauty to realize something good, something big, and to realize our Karmas ! but one has to control it and to know where to place it. Having too many desires will bring us harm... and bring harm to others. So, always control your desires. This is very important, Swami is explaining this to all of us once again. And then, the other thing which Swami tells us is that : we should not judge anyone. We are all equal ! We all came to do something here, and we all are his children ! There are no differences. There are no races, what he gave us is equality, no preferences. Each of us came with a different life according to karma. Each of us came to fulfill our duty and each of us came to learn on this Earth. We are like students. So why should we judge someone ? we have to respect others. That's why Swami taught us : we are not at that level to judge, we don't have that ability to really understand what each one has come to do, and we don't know our past nor that of others. Knowing all of this, instead of seeing faults in others, we should look at the positive in them and we should try to eliminate our own faults. We also need to remember : we don't know the lives of others. So, never judge ! especially if we don't know anything. We judge unmindfully : how are we going to know the truth when we don't even know our own past ? Yes, the past is associated with the present. All of us have come to pay off our debt. We're not going to know how it activates in our life. In a simplified way, Swami explains that “One should not judge. We are all friends, we are brothers and sisters. Why should we judge our brothers and sisters?"  


We must not judge, we must pray. 

When you see someone doing something wrong, it means that his past has come with him/her. To help that person, it's better to pray thus : “O Lord, help this person, calm this person, protect this person…" - And it serves as a way to keep in touch with the Lord. 

​ ​

- Satsang excerpts from 2019 and 2020


Swami Ajay : “  Speaking for myself, it took me a lot and costed a lot of sacrifices to earn that divine Grace.

God comes to encourage us and remind us: “You have a job to do. If you really love me, if you would like to come back with me, work hard and complete everything. Because, until you complete your work from the past, how can you come into the future with me ? ... »  but it's hard, we don't know much and we can't find anyone who can explain to us what we have to do. In my own search, I found out that there are many devotees of Swami. But the answer to the question I sought to find, no one could give. I have searched for the answer from the heart... but people are more attached to Swami's body. As for myself, I want to see Swami from inside, I want to travel inside of him and I haven't found anyone to explain this to me. 


I wanted to know beyond Swami's body. Beyond his miracles. I wanted to know what is beyond his Ashram. I want to travel inside his heart... I always wanted to travel in his mind. How does he think? … To discover the secret of Himself. 

How does it work ? How does He work? … Does he really walk on Earth? Or do we see another form ? … Where is the origin of this form, then? -  So when Swami left his body, I had to travel in another world to see and understand this. Because it was impossible for me to live without his physical form. I was very attached to this splendid Form. And even though Swami says in the discourses that one has to be detached, I didn't give much importance to it. This form was so pretty, so wonderful and graceful, this form which I recognized very late… he was 60 years old when I met him, Swami. Now, to make up for that time, it was not easy for me. I had no time to get to know this form. And then, many difficulties showed up : the surroundings, the people… they are very limited to understand Swami. But I wanted to know more than that. And Swami helped me: several times, I had gone to Puttaparthi and he helped me immensely. But it wasn't easy all the time. So, we travelers are on the way to becoming one with God, and that requires a lot of self-discipline.  If we want to become One with Brahman - God the Creator - and we want to evolve, that takes a lot. We can't do what we want: speaking only is easy, but practicing is not easy because we're human. However, when we make the effort, the reward is immense... each time God will come to Earth, he whill send us with him because we have finished everything, we are pure and sacred.

India, as a country, is full of devotion. You can't say it's poor, you can't say it's rich. India is a library… there is everything inside. You just have to know how to see, to experience, to feel, to live. Their belief is beyond... Sky is their limit, for devotion. And there is everything in terms of music, great singers and actors… there are masters and masters, many masters. They do their job. Avatars come, they complete their missions and they leave.

India is the airport of the Lord! God can land there at any time. He can do his job there, do his Leelas  and leave.


And Swami tells us, “If you want to spread my message, try to become an example of my words." 

People must feel that you are the word you speak: you are this teaching embodied. It's kind of how we evolve. And there are no castes, it was the people who created them because they misinterpreted our sacred texts. Official organizations are fine... but they did not understand Swami's teaching.  They tried to make it into a new religion. It mislead people: we're not here for that! … We are here to bring other religions back to life.


Swami propagated the idea of: “reviving religions in their deeper meaning: that a Christian should become a good Christian. we did not come to transform their belief, to change them or to convert them to something else. So, if you are a Christian, your duty is to become a better Christian. We want to encourage ! Are you used to praying the Virgin Mary? - Then, my duty is to come and encourage you towards that. That's why we initiated the sacred baths on the Blessed Virgin . We can't neglect our mother… we have to give importance to Her. We cannot say that our friend's mother is better: no. All is well, all is beautiful. And you should never destroy one religion to build the other on top. Never. Have tolerence and respect.

We should never belittle one to uplift the other. And yet, this is what happened in many countries... and it created a lot of misunderstandings. Before doing the work of Swami, you have to understand the basis, the foundation. You can't land a plane by destroying other flight companies! That's why we always hear about partnerships: Air France is associated with Air Mauritius. Air France will never say: "you, Air Mauritius, get out and I take your place." Otherwise, it destroys everything. There are always agreements, partnerships... So also, in spirituality, it's important for official organizations to associate themselves with the main religions so that they can coexist and seek to establish peace between their communities. But some devotees of Swami did not understand the essence of his message and they broke up everything, they gave him a bad name. Now it's taking us a very long time to rebuild everything. Bringing people in again... rebuilding… giving people all of our love, trying to explain the teachings ! because people are afraid, today. It was not a willful fault, we know that these people loved Swami... but they did not know how to explain and practice.

Discrimination is a very crucial quality ! One has to teach with discrimination in order to give the right advices and answers.


Our goal is not to convert... never! 

If you are a Christian, become a better Christian. If you are a Muslim, become a better Muslim. If you are Hindu, become a better Hindu. And it still continues with other beliefs : everything is fine.  We went to  Radhadesh in Belgium in 2010  (castle of the ISKCON community: the movement of Krishna Consciousness sometimes called “Hare Krishna”, founded by Srila Prabhupada) for a Yagya. And they too, were afraid: “ Sai Baba's group is coming to perform a Yagya. How are they going to act?" But since we had this discrimination in us, we did not make them feel that we were two communities. We did everything to make them feel that we are One.  We came to this place and we had no hesitation in singing and dancing to "Hare Krishna".


That is truly our Swami!! but chanting Kṛishna alone is not enough. We must live Krishna. Singing the glory of Swami and living the glory of Swami: that is the most important aspect of our life. It's not because "Swami told us “ to chant all the names of the Lord during Sai Bhajans that we do it. What's the point of singing all these names if you don't accept other groups and other beliefs afterwards? We sing and it gives us more tolerance. Then, we understand that all forms are One.  If other communities do not accept us, it's not important. But we always accept and love everyone. Because our education is more about expanding and uniting. Yes, Krishna Consciousness - ISKCON - may not recognize us or accept Baba... But it's not a problem: they are fine where they are. Look, they are connected to Krishna. You could say “they are like old commandments”! Just as the Jews do not recognize Jesus. But Krishna, he comes back as Swami. And not everyone accepts that Swami is an Avataar. As for us, we did: we accepted Swami as an Avataar, an Avataar of current times. So, he gave us this teaching. He said, “Now, I want you to not just think of me as this form of Sai but I have come to make you realize what I have done in the past. You forgot… you were with me but some assignments were not completed by you all. I have come to remind you that they must be completed. I will help you ! I will become your teacher. Where you have a difficulty, I will explain how to do this homework, how to apply this formula. But are you really serious about it, my little one? …” 

Yes, our Swami came to teach us. He himself put everything into practice and he gave us the best example, a living example. He taught us to begin Bhajans with 3 Omkaar. He gave us this chance to respect Omkaar, Ganesha, Guru, Maa, Shiva, Rama, Krishna, Hanumana, Subramanyam, Sarva Dharma, and to sing Baba's Bhajans. We invite all these forms. Our aim is to widen the scope, to give space so that everyone can feel accepted and recognize the form that he or she likes most. We are not ashamed to sing in French, in English. As for us in Mauritius, even if we don't know many songs we make this effort to sing in French, in English and in Mauritian Creole. This is done so that Mauritians are more accustomed to the meaning and tunes! What is important, in truth? – Joy alone. Their joy is God's joy... singing the glory of God in various forms will make people happy.

Now, we perform Yagya and it costed a lot of time to get there. To be able to simplify the ritual so that people may have access.

When I was in Puttaparthi and Whitefield, I always met French people. A lot of them. Only Swami will know why... It's not easy for me to know all of this. I do whatever I feel like doing, whatever feels right and holy. I'm not going to tell you that "I do what Swami tells me to do" … how can I tell you this? I have no right to say that because I don't know if I am really ready for Swami or not. But I love Swami: that is the most important thing. I cannot live without Him. And if we do good, then only good will manifest out of it. That's for sure.  We need you to come and participate and we need more people who are in love with our work. There are many things that need to be done in this country... People need us. People are waiting for us. We need to transform ourselves and fill our hearts with a lot of love. Lots of encouragement, soft and warm welcome, a healing smile. Much of humility, much of compassion…  You must fill yourselves with deep love for humanity, dear brothers and sisters. When you hug someone, the person should feel lighter. It is very, very important… that's our job. Enough of judging and hating ! Enough of saying : “ I don't like. " One must only love, love, love.


As I speak these beautiful words, you all must know that I myself put it into practice the teaching, very seriously and severely, in my family also. I make this effort to love my larger family, apart from the close family. But not the whole family of humanity understands what I want to share... A lot of people think that love is "to give and take"... but it's not about that. 

Love is inside… »

- Satsang exerpts recorded during the Yagya, south of France, 2022


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