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Swami Ajay's mission is very wide and is constantly growing. In this section, you will find a presentation of the Ashrams built on his initiative, testimonies of devotee's experiences by his side and 4 aspects of his mission to better understand his current work. The six articles are organized so as to be read in sequence, though they can be read individually, and are available in PDF version (at the bottom of each page). Written books can be found in the media library, right here.

Swami Ajay's goal is to share a spirituality that is simple and universal, accessible to all and adapted to our era... The message that he transmits is not limited to a religion or a community :  it shares a basic teaching  that can be applied at any age, for any belief or tradition. It is above all based on  knowledge of the self, devotion and sincerity - which are the golden threads of spirituality. This message is thus propagated with the aim of feeling freer, lighter, to be more conscious of the world around us in order to then help others and transmit the light that spirituality reveals in one's own self.

Swami Ajay gives satsangs (conferences) in many countries where he also organizes meetings and rituals around the sacred fire called 'Yagyas' every year. Three main Ashrams currently exist: you can discover the infrastructures as well as the celebrations and activities that take place throughout the year in the categories below. Click on the timeline to read the summary of his story and work.

in the world

in Mauritius and around the world


Abishekam, Pujas, Kalash


understand the rituals

divine manifestations, miracles

the Ashrams
Press and testimonials

"One can buy ingredients for rituals at the supermarket, but one cannot buy God's Grace. 
One can invest a lot of money in stocks, but love doesn't trade.

One can buy many pictures of the Lord, but one cannot buy his Darshan.

All of us can light many many candles… it does not mean that the light of our heart illuminates.

That's what we have to work on. » 

- Swami Ajay

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